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Job Opportunities


We have currently open various positions as post-doc as well as programmer and PhD candidates.

Software Developer on Automated Planning and Scheduling for Industrial Applications

Developer position to work in the European H2020 project AIPlan4EU on

  • Automated Planning for space applications such as robotic exploration and satellite autonomy
  • Automated Planning for the development of deliberation capabilities for state-of-the-art autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Design and development of high-level APIs for Automated Temporal Planning

Go to the application page!

Deadline (January 19, 2021) - contact Andrea Micheli

Researcher on Formal Verification of Complex Safety Critical Systems

Post-doc position to work in the European ECSEL project VALU3S on

  • Model checking of hybrid systems
  • Model checking of control software
  • Model-based safety analysis of autonomous systems
  • Integration of model checking, testing, and runtime verification
  • Application of formal methods to industrial case studies (avionic or agriculture domains)

Application page:

Deadline (January 15, 2021) - contact Stefano Tonetta

Programmer on Servitization of Model-Based Design

Programmer position to work in the European H2020 project HUBCAP on
  • servitization of FBK tools on Model-Based Design (MBD)
  • supporting the adoption of MBD by SMEs
  • OSLC-based specification of MBD tools interoperability
  • development and maintenance of FBK tools on MBD
Application page:

Deadline (January 11, 2021) - contact Stefano Tonetta


Other opportunities

We are currently seeking several candidates for PhD positions
(see attached document - contact person Alessandro Cimatti).

We are also seeking other post-doc researchers in the following areas:

  1. formal methods, model checking, temporal logics, model-based safety analysis, contract-based design, model-based diagnosis and diagnosability, runtime verification, automated test case generation
  2. model-based system engineering, architecture description languages (sysml, aadl, etc), integration of model-based design and formal methods, model-based code generation
  3. planning and scheduling, planning with temporal uncertainty, planning and SMT, robotics architectures, deliberation for robotics, planning and learning, reinforcement learning, reasoning with temporal and resource uncertainty (e.g. dynamic controllability of STNU)