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Open Workshop on Model-Based Design and Verification of Critical Systems

The workshop showcased different model-based techniques for the design and verification of critical systems. The international speakers, invited as committee members for the PhD defense of Benjamin Bittner, gave insights into different ways how model-based design and verification technology can improve an engineer’s understanding of and confidence in a given design model of a complex system.

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Formal methods for the design of critical systems

The workshop addressed the theme of formal method for the design of critical systems. Our guests, who were in Trento for the Ph.D. dissertation of Sergio Mover, presented a number of studies conducted in this area. The program included an approach for detecting sensor spoofing attacks on a cyber-physical system, one for the verification of hybrid systems with the open-source framework Ariadne, the use of unfoldings in automated testing of multithreaded programs, and an overview of SATMC 3.0, which is a SAT-based bounded model checker for security-critical systems.

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