The need for high level of confidence and operational integrity in critical space (software) systems is well recognized in the Space industry and has been addressed so far through rigorous System and Software Development Processes and stringent Verification and Validation regimes.

The Model Based Space System Engineering process (MBSSE) derived in the System and Software Functional Requirement Techniques study (SSFRT) focused on the application of model based engineering technologies to support the space system and software development processes, from mission level requirements to software implementation through model refinements and translations. This process can now serve as a framework to be enriched by the aspect of verification of system and software properties.

The FoReVer enriches this process with a contract-based approach to the specification of components and the verification of the refinement of system and software properties along the architectural decomposition. The objective of the study is to provide guidelines and tool support for a systematic approach to the verification of avionics system level properties around Model Driven Engineering at system, avionics and software level and the description and implementation of the architectural impact on the Software Reference Architecture to support and ease the verification of properties identified at system, avionics and software level.


Stefano Tonetta