PASSIONS (Software Product Assurance for Autonomous On-Board Software), funded by ESA, coordinated by GMV, and contributed by FBK.

The aim of this activity is to address the challenges raised by the development of autonomous on-board software that includes AI/ML techniques. More specifically, the activity will

  • Survey the current and planned use of on-board autonomous systems in current and upcoming European missions.
  • Survey ongoing industrial practices and standardisation activities in the area of software product assurance for autonomous and intelligent systems, applied to other non-space safety critical related application domains.
  • Define of safety and dependability strategies for autonomous and intelligent systems.
  • Identify challenges and solutions for the development, verification, validation and safety assurance of ML-components.
  • Elaborate a software and data quality metrication model.
  • Elaborate a preliminary set of example requirements to serve as input for the revision of the ECSS-Q-ST-80C SW PA standard and the related handbooks.

General Info:

Start Date: 1 Dec 2022
End Date: 30 Nov 2023
Duration: 1 year
Funding: ESA


  • GMV (prime)
  • FBK participates with two units
    • ES
    • DSIP


Stefano Tonetta <>