VALU3S focuses on verification and validation (V&V) of cyber-physical automated systems. VALU3S will investigate methods, tools and concepts that are not only suitable for the evaluation of automated systems but also improve the time and cost of the verification and validation process. Thus, overall, VALU3S aims to design, implement and evaluate state-of-the-art V&V methods and tools that reduce the time and cost needed to verify and validate automated systems with respect to safety, cybersecurity and privacy (SCP) requirements.

The key technical enabler for the V&V framework of VALU3S is fault injection, which will be supported/complemented and/or combined with simulation, testing, formal verification, and artificial intelligence methods in order to build innovative methods and tools that will improve on the state-of-the-art of current V&V practices and solutions for the verification and validation of complex automated systems. These new V&V tools will be used to validate test cases identified for the use cases in terms of their SCP requirements. The context of automated systems in VALU3S come from six different domains, i.e. automotive, agriculture, railway, healthcare, aerospace and industrial robotics. VALU3S will affect the verification and validation of systems within these domains and potentially also in other domains.

General Info:

Start Date: 1 Apr 2020
End Date: 31 Mar 2023
Duration: 3 years
Funding: H2020-ECSEL


Stefano Tonetta