CHESS (Composition with Guarantees for High-integrity Embedded Software Components Assembly) tool is a open source software project that supports the design phases of safety-critical systems, combining the model-driven architecture design with formal methods.

CHESS enable the interaction with external backend tools to perform different analysis. These external tools include OCRA for contract-based analysis, nuXmv for model checking, xSAP  for model-based safety analysis. They run in background or remotely via OSLC and the user does not interact with them directly.

Useful Links

CHESS user guide

Video showing the main CHESS functionalities in the context of the AMASS project.

CHESS project website for further information.

Related Projects

List of projects related to CHESS:

  • AMASS: Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems. In this project, CHESS was extended and connected to other tools for the design of safety-critical systems.
  • CHESS: EU Project in which the CHESS software was created.


The Embedded System unit is contributing to the design and development of the project.

Current contributors:

  • Braghieri Pietro
  • Cristoforetti Luca
  • Debiasi Alberto
  • Dylan Trenti
  • Tonetta Stefano

Past contributors:

  • Irfan Ahmed