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AWARD: Automated WARehousing and last mile Delivery

Project researchers


In AWARD, the ES unit is responsible for the intra-logistic planning of a warehouse using Automated Guided Vehicles and by coordinating the last mile deliveries using drones.

Self-learning planning algorithms, based on academic knowledge and machine learning Techniques

Hybrid architecture;

  • Warehouse: smart network, ‘dumb’ clients: central intelligence that directs the robots and optimizes the system as a whole (as opposed to isolated optimization on the robot)
  • Last mile delivery: ‘dumb’ network, smart clients (drones)

Relatively simple and cheap robots

Monday, 1 January, 2018 to Tuesday, 31 December, 2019
  • University of Trento
  • Brightcape
  • Rise Sics
Unit role: 

Solution and technology provider

Research topics: