A new PhD position is opened, in collaboration with the University of Genova (PhD program on Security, Risk and Vulnerability), on the topic of Model-Based Safety Assessment for Hybrid Systems.

Model-based safety assessment (MBSA) is a growing research area in the design of complex safety-critical systems. Starting from requirements and formal models of the system under analysis, automated techniques and tools are used to analyze system correctness and dependability, and to support its certification, automatically constructing safety artifacts such as Fault Trees and FMEA tables.

Objective of the study is to lift MBSA techniques from finite-state systems to the case of hybrid systems that include continuous time and complex dynamics. The study will investigate three related directions. First, model extension, i.e., the generation of models encompassing faulty behaviors from nominal models, based on a library of predefined faults, specifying the effects and dynamics of faults. Second, the design of engines for the verification and synthesis of safety-related artifacts, based on state-of-the-art parameter synthesis techniques. Finally, the use of contract-based analysis techniques, which exploit the system architecture to perform safety assessment hierarchically.

The Study will be conducted as part of several ongoing research projects carried out at FBK, such as VALU3S (EU funded) and COMPASTA (funded by the European Space Agency).

For more information, see the web page of the PhD Program.

To apply, visit the Ph.D. programmes page of the University of Genova.

The deadline for application is June 30th.

Deadline: 30 Jun 2022