A new position for a senior software developer has been opened.
The activities will be part of industrial projects made in collaboration with an important national player in the railway domain.

The activities will focus on designing, implementing, testing and performing maintenance of software, and on performing elicitation and formal analysis of requirements, testing specification, testing (unit testing, integration testing) on host and in a hardware-in-the-loop environment, design of simulation and logging environments, design and modelling of components in the Scade language.

The activity will begin by learning the content of the previous project which the project object of this call is the continuation of. In particular, domain-specific terminology, specifications, models and other artifacts, toolsets and execution environment will be analyzed and experimented. After this preparatory phase, the activities will be focused on the requirements specification, design, implementation and testing of software modules to implement the required functionalities. Other activities will be oriented in the preparation of the required documentation, about functional specification, software specifications and user manuals. Maintenance will also be part of the activities, to improve performance of existing software, or headed to bug fixing.

Development is typically carried out on host, but this could eventually be ported to targets such as embedded systems. Testing can be performed both on host and in a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) setting. The development process is supported by relevant industrial standards, Moreover, development exploits issue tracking, Versioning Control System and Continuous Integration.

Deadline: 16 Jul 2022