A PhD position is available on the topic of Safety analysis for space and avionics systems and software, in collaboration with the PhD in Security, Risk and Vulnerability of the University of Genova. For more information, visit the PhD Program web page.

Abstract: Space and avionics systems are reaching an unprecedented degree of complexity. The process of safety analysis attempts to characterize the likelihood of faults and failures, and to assess the effectiveness of the adopted mitigation measures. Unfortunately, traditional techniques are becoming ineffective, unable to deal with large-scale systems. This thesis will investigate novel methods for safety analysis, based on the adoption of formal models of system and software (nominal and faulty) behaviors. Particularly interesting are the analysis of timing aspects in the propagation of multiple faults to failures and errors, the ability to explain the causality of propagation, and the definition of techniques for on-the-fly fault detection, isolation and recovery policies.

Deadline: 15 Jun 2021