The ongoing integration of software-intensive embedded systems and global communication networks into Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is considered to be the next revolution in ICT with a great deal of game-changing business potential and novel business models for integrated products and services. Many technology leaders are already in the midst of a global race of repositioning and reinventing themselves by developing new dynamic CPS-inspired business models.

Mastering the engineering of complex and trustworthy CPS is crucial to implementing such business models. Current systems engineering frameworks, however, do not enable a conceptualization and design for the deep interdependencies among engineered systems and the natural world. Thus, there is a clear need for a new Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering (CPSE) framework for apprehending the development and operation of highly efficient CPS upon which people can almost blindly depend.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Integrated processes based on the design-operation life-cycle continuum
  • Multidisciplinary modelling and analysis of discrete-continuous systems
  • Composition and integration frameworks for heterogeneous systems
  • Scalable and evolvable system and software architectures
  • Open and standardized tool integration frameworks for performance and trustworthiness analysis
  • Industrial experience on engineering CPS

General Info:

Start Date: 24 May 2013
Start Time: 09:00
Location: Trento